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So the new hair fashion is fishplaits, If you dont know what one is here is one:
There quite nice and people are worrying and getting confuddled on how to do them and there automatically pushing them to the side because they thing its confusing, I did that but then i mad ethe effot to try and it worked so here are the simple steps:) : Basically you take two sections of hair. -take a small piece from the outside of one section and cross it over to the other section, -Do the same with the other side, and keep going. It does take a lot of getting used to, as it is quite different to normal plaiting, but once you know where to put your fingers, it's easy. You can also do a french-fishbone plait. They look quite good if you plait them as a headband. Its really easy and is really nice :) As I said it takes quite long to get used to but after a couple of days of doing it it will be easy! Enjoy :) -Molly Here are some more pics on fish plaits:

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