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 Braids are the most stylish and trendy hairdo. Variety comes with the word braid. The possibilities are endless. I choose two of my favorite to demonstrate.

A classic braid: 

Step 1: Divide your hair in three sections. One on the left, right, and middle.

Step 2: Take the left section and cross it over your middle strand of hair. 

Step 3: Then take the section the farthest right and cross it over your middle section. 

Step 4: Once again take your section farthest left and cross it over your middle section.

Step 5: Take your section farthest right once again and cross it over your middle section.

Step 6: Keep crossing your left side over to the middle then your right side over to the middle until you reach the end of your hair. Once your reach the end tie your hair with a pony tail or elastic band. 

To jazz up this simple braid add a bow of any size.

Dutch Braid: ( NOTE this one will take time it took me about a week)

Step 1: Take a medium amount of your hair and divide it to three sections. 

Step 2: Take your left side and instead of crossing the left side over the middle strand cross it under. 

Step 3: Take your right side and cross it under the middle strand.

Step 4: Now Take your left side strand, then add a strip of loose hair on your left side to your left side strand. Now continue crossing your left strand under the middle. 

Step 5: Now take your right side strand. Add some loose hair from your right hairline to your right strand. Then cross your right strand of hair under the middle.

Step 6: Continue steps 4 and 5 until you get to the end.

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