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Thursday, March 1, 2012 9 Awesome Comments
Win this awesome dress.

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9 Awesome Comments:

  • Kisi said...

    Well, let me begin..
    This club is amazing, not only because we reveal spoilers, hotbuys, all the latest news, but also, we have all these amazing contests, makeovers, and video occasionly. Its always updated everyday by all our amazing writers, who don't write like 'robots' as I can say, they write as themselves when they are doing a new post, they are interesting in there posts. Every writer puts pictures in, it makes the blog so colourful! I love the graphics that The2gLams have made for every writer! I think its amazing the amount of followers we have! And to finish, this club is super super active, like super super super active!

  • Molly09forever said...

    I love this blog so many oppertunities for people just like me and you to look like an amazing popstar! Heehee. Anyway the spoilers are amazing, i know whats coming up in about 2 weeks time when stardoll havent really relesed it! The makeovers are amazing, I Love Them. And the stardoll news i love it the latest news on everything stardoll! Even the new dolls coming out.
    And im a writer and id just like to say a massive thankyou to the 2glams for letting me write in this awsome blog and i love how you get your own graphics. But oh wait i fogot about the contests, Winning 500sd stardollars for entering your opinin? Yes please! Everyone is amazing for taking their time into this amazing blog. THANKs

    Molly/Molly09forever ♥

  • bracken1234 said...

    I Love this blog because it's not like all other blogs, The posts are interesting & fun which is why I enjoy commenting on them. Definatley one of my favorite stardoll blogs.

    ~ bracken1234

  • mitzipuss said...

    I love it, because it's awesome! I write for it too, which is nice haha. It's awesome because your posts are READ and LISTENED to!


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