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so hey, I haven't posted regularly and I havent really posted what you people want which is free stuff right? The country I live in at the moment doesnt have ANY special offers as stardoll has no sponsors with the country. That country is Barbados, its a long story that  I'll probably get into when I do a Memoir when I'm ready to leave stardoll (which isnt any time soon). 

but, I plan to start up a few projects (maybe) so have been working over time on some graphics. 

one for my portfolio header and one for "Revolver Inc." 

BUT I am having the hardest time making good looking 3d text like on the SLN header for summer. 

and recently people have been using stardoll backgrounds for graphics so I gave it ago, my "Revolver" project isnt a "bright" project so it isnt sunny or anything so no sunny background and I also have issues shading so I use the trusty "glitter" trick ;) 

anyway, Here'ya : 

this is for revolver ^ 
no text yet, I'm trusting you guys enough not to steal and it IS my medoll so you wont get very far, Her other lita boot is broken (on purpose) but just incase you dont get it I might ad the other bit some place else, it was supposed to look like she just ran from somewhere AND she is wearing something Chanel Resort 2012 INSPIRED: 

for my portfolio and it is also my blogger profile picture, still no text on it but I like both and worked hard. 

what do you think of the hair ?


whats your graphics blog ? and do you like making graphics ? do you want tutorials ?
which hair technique of mine do you prefer ?

AND, if you know how to do good text be a life saver and explain to me :') 

Ta Ta For Now 

- Sask

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