Stardoll Goes High Fashion ?!

Thursday, March 15, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Stardoll does occasionally have designer inspired stuff, but it never looks 100% until I saw these and I was like "I've seen these bad boys before" *buy* and then I realized it was probably because they had been spammed all over tumblr but none the less, stardoll made them, I bought them, I'm happy. 

I mean their hardly shoes you'd miss: 


wow, IKR. 
They are really lovely and original, maybe if someone gifted them to me I'd wear them but I doubt thats gonna happen as they just came off the catwalk but heres the stardoll version that I bought: 

although there isn't much justice done, you get the idea.

This has happened before with a pair of shoes by Jeffrey Campbell called Lita's they look like this: 


I however didnt get the stardoll version as that was when stardoll was like "NON SUPERSTARS HAVE NOTHING STARCOINS ONLY!" and what a surprise they were stardollars, they also had them in brown. 

so wink wink, if you have a pair that your willing to sell for a decent price, look my way and I actually cant find my banner :S

so sorry, and what shoes would you like to see on stardoll, I'd say Louboutins but it would probably be a fail  :|

Ta Ta For Now, Sask (pinkioriginal)

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