An Outfit for the Non-SS

Monday, March 12, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Hello guys and dolls, it's me once again. I was browsing through stardoll when I cam across the Wild Candy store. I found to cute, nice, and decent items, that I combined with other things from the Starplaza.

Here is the outfit:
 Wild Candy Blueberry Purse: 52 SC
                                      Heels: 56 SC
  It Girls Prep Beach Shorts: 63 SC
                          Jean Jacket: 84 SC
  Basics White Tank Top: 35 SC

The outfit in total is 290 Starcoins, which in my opinion is pretty cheap.

Thanks for reading, keep your eyes peeled out for more.

if you would like to be featured/advertised in a post please contact me through my guestbook on stardoll. my username is swimmingbabe19.

2 Awesome Comments:

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