The moment of my Epiphany.

Friday, March 16, 2012 0 Awesome Comments

Hello dolls. It is me here today and i have not been on these few days but now that i logged on i must simply comment on our wonderful new banner. It is in perfect timing for spring/summer. Well i have been browsing the shops and i have realized that stardoll is overpricing us.

This might not be news to most of you but I must say, i understand paying 14 stardollars for a good pair of hotbuys jeans but my point is not the store. My point is for 3 dollars (here in the U.S) you can buy 90 stardollars and no gifts. What decent rare or hotbuy will this get you? oh yeah last month's. Stardoll, i must say, is entertaining but i do not understand why you charge me the same price you charge for 1 year membership for 2400 stardollars. I feel it should be maybe $60 dolalrs for the one year membership and gifts and maybe 20 or 30 for the money and gifts. Because i for one, do not find it very comforting when the bill comes home and my mom asks me why i have spent 10 dollars on only stardollars and no gifts.

if you disagree make sure to comment. or if you have anything to add go ahead

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