Michelle Phan Spring Delight Tutorial

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 1 Awesome Comments

Hey Girls and guys!

   Today I have another tutorial for you all! Sadly there was no one that resoponded to my other tutorial so their photos will not be posted. This tutorial will use Dot's new pastel colors! This tutorial is totally inspired by Michelle Phan!

You Will Need:
  • Marigold Eye Pencil
  • Lavender Dove Eye Pencil
  • Azure Sky Eyeliner
  • Buttercup Eyeliner
  • Amaryllis Eyeliner
  • Black Masscara (either volumizing, lengthening, of both.)
  • Melon Madness Lipstick
  • LUXE gloss (optional)
  • Melon Madness Blush
  • Rosy Dawn Eyeshadow

Step 1: Apply the Rosy Dawn Eyeshadow in the area shown.

Step 2: Put the Marigold Eye Pencil in the area shown.

Step 3: Add the Lavender Eye Pencil to the inner corner of your eye and fill in with the Marigold.

Step 4: Apply the Azure Sky Eyeliner on the bottom right half of your lashline.

Step 5: Apply the Buttercup eyeliner in the inner corner of your eye by the tear ducts.

Step 6: Apply the Amaryllis Eyeliner into the outer corner of your eye. Make sure not to add any wingtips or cat-eyes.

Step 7: Masscara

Step 8: Apply the Melon Madness Blush as Michelle Phan said, "Just beat your cheeks with it. You want them to SCREAM spring!"

Step 9: Put on the Melon Madness Lipstick. This color reminds me of the Strawberry Blast Chubby Stick I got from Clinique!

Step 10: LUXE lipgloss (optional)

Finished. I know how some of you thought my last tutorial looked "Strange" so I decided to take better photo of the complete make up! I am wearing a basics white tank top and the "It Girl" soft teal cage dress.

I love this look! I would love to see some of your renditions! Please put them in the comments below! I'd love to see them!

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