Summer/Spring Makeup Tutorial!

Sunday, March 25, 2012 3 Awesome Comments

Hey girls and guys!!! Today I have a Spring or Summer makeup tutorial! The colors may not work for each skin tone but think of this as a guideline so you can add your own personal flare to the look! I hope You enjoy!

What you will need:

  1. Black Eye Khol
  2. White Eye Khol
  3. Black Eyeliner
  4. Black Mascara (Volumizing/Lengthening which ever you prefer)
  5. Pink Blush (non-specific)
  6. Red Blush (which ever color you like most)
  7. A Blush That Matches Your Skin Tone
  8. Nude lipstick
  9. White Eyeshadow
  10. Purple Eyeshadow
  11. Pink Eyeshadow ( I am using Valse De Vienne by L'occitane)
  12. Brown Eyshadow ( I fine that Naturafaces' color works best for me)
  13. Fake eyelashes (optional)
This seems like a lot but it will be worth it! I promise!

Step 1:  A Clean Face!

Step 2:  Mascara and white eye khol by the tearducts of your eyes.

Step 3: Eyeliner. You can add more if you lik but this is what works best for me.

Step 4: Black Eye Khol. Tops only so you have enough for both sides.

Step 5: Brown Eyeshadow one the right half or your eye. Not to much because we are going to layer it.

Step 6:  Pink Eyeshadow right over the brown. Not too much so we can still see the brown under it.

Step 7:  With the same pink eyeshadow fill in the rest of your eye. Make sure you can see the difference in the two colors.

Step 8: Add a touch of purple eyeshadow in the far right area of your eye.

Step 9: Add some white eyeshadow on top the purple eyeshadow.

Step 10: Nude lipstick. ( You can add LUXE gloss if you would like. I didn't becaouse on the lips I use it makes no difference)

Step 11: Pink Blush over the area of you cheek shown.

Step 12: Red blush right over the pink.

Step 13: ( The Un-lucky step!! Jk) Add a nude color over both the pink and red to blend it into your skin color.

Step 14: Fake Eyelashes! Yay!

Step 15: SHOW THE WORLD HOW AWESOME YOU LOOK!!!! Oh and tears if you like the way they look.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!! I look forward to see how you did it! Leave a pic in the comments!!! I'll even show them in my next tutorial! Leave them with your username! The person with the best representation will win a small gift!

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