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Monday, March 12, 2012 2 Awesome Comments

Hello guys and dolls, I am swimmingbabe19, the new writer for stardoll local news. You can call me Ana Laura, Laura, or simply Ana, whatever you would like. Before I continue to my post, I would like to thank the2glams for giving me this opportunity.

Stardoll, a place where girls, and boys as well come to take their minds off things, and play for a while. For some Stardoll is about the clubs, for example, OC, MSW, etc. For others it is the friends they make what counts, and for most the fame, and fashion. To basically demonstrate to you what I mean I will break it down into steps:

1: You, the innocent person looking for something to do because you are bored, stumble into stardoll.
2: You decide to create an account after being captivated by the deceiving slogan, "Fame, Fashion, and Friends"
3: You start out as a newbie, or "noob". You are so excited you create a presentation asking people to vote you for covergirl, because in your mind, all the free stuff you received from clubs and SD, are enough.
4: You see no one is voting, and you see you have no money for new clothes, so you join those clubs that list proxies.
5: you the innocent user were either:
            b) disappointed with what you got
            c) the proxies didn't work and so you're mad
6: you finally decide it is time for change and so you beg your parents saying you need this, playing the good kid card, etc, etc.
7: A week goes by and your parents finally handover their credit card and you purchase the one month SS.
8: You are finally one of them and you are excited. You start designing clothing, furniture, rooms for your doll, outfits, and all of that.
9: You renew your membership and people start to notice your doll. You are so glad you buy heaps of stardollars and start broadcasting. This:
            b) doesn't work
            c) is so confusing you don't know if they worked or not
10: you make it but you realize that it comes with hate and very little glory.
11: you either:
           b) stay but don't log on
           c) keep fooling yourself.
That is right dolls, Stardoll is like a cycle you have your ups and downs and I advise that you do not base your life on pixels, instead have fun and enjoy it while it is there cause you can lose it all, Fame, Fashion, and, Friends in the blink of an eye!

Make sure to tell me your opinions below and also, keep your eyes peeled for more posts from me, I will be doing tutorials, freebies, giveaways, and contests. Contact me through my stardoll guestbook if you want to be featured/advertised in one of my future posts.

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