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Monday, March 26, 2012 2 Awesome Comments

I want to make a graphic for my blog for the raffle I will be holding and I need 3 models.
I was going to pay them 10sd each and needed a model of my skin colour(or darker), a pale model and an exotic model, but since I'm not having much luck I'm here to ask you dollies if you would please message me in my guestbook (here

as you've probably guessed by now, I also need writers and followers so here is the link (here
just click apply to see places available. 

BUT this was the actual reason I decided to write this post: 

How much has your medoll changed since you joined stardoll ?
has your medoll improved?
has your style improved ?

well I made a new account on stardoll because I wanted to be a model and start over, and my other account although it was nice didn't have all the things I required and had hardly any starpoints (close to 2000 in over 3  years) it was because I didn't understand about all that, all I was interested in was putting my doll in a pair of jeans and a tank top and thinking I looked phenomenal and then would ask people to vote me 5/5 but obviously I never won, soo I disappeared from that account until in June 2011, I made pinkioriginal. 

I wanted to be a model and I didnt start out superstar so on my first day when you got 24 hour superstar, I went out and bought blush and mascara and lipgloss

 I looked something like this (ignore the nose I later changed it to something more fitting, the lips also when I became Royalty)

that was actually my portfolio photograph and I thought I was cool beans but I didn't get any jobs, I also had difficulty picking the skin colour of my medoll because alot of models in stardoll modelling agency's have pale skin and these eyes which I despise, EVERYONE uses them, apart from those people that want to be different: 

yes they make your medoll have wide and innocent eyes but EVERYONE uses them! I blame Callie.Stardoll because she has them and ALL 5-9 year olds wanna be like Callie.Stardoll dont they ?

also another facial feature that bugs me: 

these lips, EVERYONE used to have them and their BORING!

so if you have one or both of those facial features do not apply. 

after nearly a full year on stardoll I think I have found my style and a face that I'm happy with, maybe in the next two years I might get "plastic surgery" on stardoll but until then, this is me: 

how have you evolved since you joined stardoll ?

Ta Ta for now 

- Sask

2 Awesome Comments:

  • Heav said...

    i would love to help but my doll is as pale as you can make it and i have them eyes soz hope the blog goes good i will check it out

    missAshie1991 xx

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