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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 2 Awesome Comments

so, where have I been. 

Good question. 

I have been avoiding Stardoll, since yesterday. 


YES; so I go to purchase £30 worth of Stardollars. 

I try 3 times and still they reject my payment. 

I got to the LE store nice and early, dragged what I wanted into my Cart, went to buy my stardollars and find out that I cant. 

and then Today; during school I get a text from my mother asking me what on earth I thought I was doing spending £90 on online dollars, meaning they still tried to charge me for them even though they never went onto my account. 

my mum explained that they thought my card was stolen or something because the payments were so rapid (maybe 4 minute intervals) and that they went all the way through as they were legit transactions but some "code" was never filed for me to recieve "the product" so basically out of everything I got nothing and although  I wasn't charged for my plenty of nothing, I can barely touch my doll without feeling disgust so her outfit will probably be the same until I no longer feel like having a tantrum and having my BBM service turned off by my mother as she thinks "me and my friends, mess about with the card"


anyway; thanks stardoll.

2 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    in the end I wasnt charged, I have proof of transactions but I geuss they arent marked on my bank statement but are still marked on my stardoll account ?

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