Hotbuys Uggs for 5sd

Saturday, March 17, 2012 16 Awesome Comments

My dear friend, wagabagee, on stardoll, who i must say has a wonderful doll (and she has never been SS), found in starbazaar hotbuys uggs, which are now worth hundreds, for 5 sd. Lucky her. comment if you have ever found a steal such as this one.

16 Awesome Comments:

  • *Sta988* said...

    I found a HotBuys top from Evil Panda for 2sd :D It was back when starcoins didn't exist. I had no clue what a Hb was but I thought the top was cute and cheap so I got it :)

  • Ceaara Iman/MissCeaaria said...

    I'm in there all the time! I've found hbs dress for 2sd, Chanel tribute white linen jacket, Ellen crop top(the black one) , hbs top, dvf bag...loads more. Pretty much all of them were under 5sd, and all of my tribute items and hbs are cheap from the bazaar cause I'm non-ss. I never buy them for the original price. :D

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