Spring medoll tutorial

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 0 Awesome Comments

Hey guys! What a pretty new blog starter, huh!
Anyway, I'm doing a spring inspired medoll!
You will need:
DOT eyeliner (black), eyepencil (white), Azure blue eyeshadow, Whispering Skylight eyeshadow, Cashmere rose blusher and mascara (all from DOT)
LUXE Beach Peach glitter lipstick & Lipgloss.

First, put on the mascaras. Then, apply a small bit of Azure blue eyeshadow on the outer of your eye, just a little bit. Then fade the Whispering Skylight eyeshadow into it from the middle (ish) to the start of the Azure. Next, put white eyepencil from the end of the skylight eyeshadow, to the first of the bottom eyelashes. Next, put on the blusher- streak it down the cheekbones. Finally, add in the lipstick and lipgloss and any spring-type  accesories!
Here's the final look:
Opinions? You can see it on my medoll better.
-Daisy xoxo

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