Is Stardoll not releasing enough hbs?

Saturday, March 3, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Well, I've been thinking....And thinking....And thinking all day for something to post on the blog. This blog is for the latest Stardoll news, but either I come to post about a new release and someone has beaten me too it, or there is no new hotbuy. I think Stardoll should release a new hotbuy everyday, I mean, that's really one of the main reasons I actually log onto Stardoll, to get the lastest hotbuy. But, half the time, there isn't a new one :'/ In the whole month Stardoll realses say, 10, 11, maybe 12 hotbuys, that's not even one for every other day in the month. Yes, I know it takes time to create a new 'good quality' graphic, but, Stardoll has hundreds of people working on the website and should be able to release a new one everyday. I hope you enjoyed my little rant about Hotbuys and Stardoll xD So, thanks for reading...Uhh...Byee? x3

-Sam =D

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