hosting a giveaway, donate stuff please.

Sunday, March 4, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
I think I have just seen the most rediculous thing, EVER.
somebody is hosting a give away for a new blog and you think WOW its gonna be a good start to the blog, NOT when your giving away other peoples stuff as they "donated" it.

yes this is real, I thought a prize/giveaway was YOU giving away YOUR items.

I mean, people have actually been "donating" things such as LE and other stuff. "Gracey", hasnt even put a link to her friends blog nor has she given the girls username. Do you think its legit ? or a scam ?

all I know is, if I was to host a giveaway it would be stuff I had bought and no longer wanted or something I had bought just for the the competiton.

what are your opinions ?

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