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Hello today in my other stardesign post people kept saying how much they loved scruffy884's designs so me thinking how much you lurvee her designs here some Q AND A  from scruffy884 me asking the questions will be in this text: ABC scruffys text: Abc So here are the questions:

Q: Are Your Ideas Straight From The Top Of Your Head, Or Do You Lok At Someone Elses Design And Think: Im Gonna Magpie Some Ideas?
A: Meaning My Jewelry Designs? Well Some i Think Them Up Just Like That And For Some I get Inspiration From Others(: So basically, 
A Mix

Q: Would You Reccomend Designing to someone like us? xx
Designing Is For Everyone, Being You! So Defo ;)

Q: Would There Be Anyone You Would LIke To Thank?
A:No One In particular, But Everyone Who Has been An Inspiration And of Course you, Molly, For Choosing Me For The Blog (: xx

Q:Have You Broadcasted To Get Them Popular Or Is It Just Completly Natrual?

A.I have Done No broadcasting Whatsoever(: I Sometimes tell People In There Guestbook If I Think its A Good time(:
Lets say Thanks to scruffy884! Sorry this week there will be no contest for the best jewlerry maker because i cant find anyone^^ Please reccomend someone in the comments who is not well known!!!!!!

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