The not so new LE collection review: (decor)

Saturday, December 8, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
I love LE, too bad I don't have the best of luck affording it, I'm usually not superstar or I don't have enough stardollars. The holidays are coming and my superstar ended, but since I had 21 stardollars I thought why not take a tinsy look in the new store? Lots of the items in the LE store were 15 stardollars, what. a. deal, and some of them weren't sold out yet!
          I'm never as happy as I am when a new collection comes from LE, since LE is crazy fashion or crazy decor. The newest collection Stardoll has brought us is neither, it's more just be all nice and jolly for the holidays with LE! Some of the 15 stardollar items were

  • the deer (gold, pink, polka dot)
  • gum
  • golden gift
and a few more items. Most (all to be honest) are sold out or about to be sold out. I think it's because Stardoll lowered the prices and wanted us to buy more of the items (so we can buy SS or more sd.)
which is a great idea in my opinion.
Did you buy an LE decor item? Which one?

2 Awesome Comments:

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