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Sunday, December 16, 2012 5 Awesome Comments

As you know,stardoll is going through big changes this year.First it was the starpoints system,then the achievements.Of course,the new Stores and brands,Harrods and so on(but those are not the most important changes).
I realized everything started from the new design of the site.Then the other things came.
I was very upset at first,but then I got used to everything.When the starcoins appeared,everyone was angry.But then,we realized that we could exchange them into stardollars.
And now that 'magic' feature dissapeared.
It`s such a pity stardoll got so materialistic.Of course,the creator just HAD to win the money,but isn`t it impertinently asking for 9,60 lv(bulgarian currency= $6.42) from children?And in an economic crisis?I was ok with the old price,$ 1.60,but no,they had to ruin it.
Not only this,but now almost everything on Starplaza is for superstars.How many items can you buy if you`re a non-superstar?Really few.That`s why many dolls quited playing.
Back to the changes,SDAQR is the new to come.Maybe in 2013 the site will be brand new.Who knows.
And then comes my question.Why is this change?Everybody`s talking about this.Is this a PR campaign?
Do you think Stardoll is trying to announce something new,that will prevent dolls from quitting?Are those the final changes?That`s for sure,no.
But share in the comments,why do you think stardoll made the SDAQR?Let us help each other get the solution to this problem :)

5 Awesome Comments:

  • ♫♬♩Eℓιтα||[..α_Ss6..]♫♬♩ said...

    You're right. But I think Stardoll is making some changes to get more entries. Stardoll has now become a commercial site, and needs funds to keep. It is not easy to maintain this great site without money. It 's like a chain of shops must always renew clothes to have more customers. It 's all a process to attract more people and for renewal. I do not want to criticize Stadoll, is not the only site that requires money. I love Stardoll. But nothing in life is free now, and this is also true for websites. This is my opinion.

    P.S.:I hope I was clear, and sorry if I made ​​some mistakes.

  • Anonymous said...

    Put me in the draw, ~Sammy1640 :3

    I really don't know why SD made SDAQR, I don't exactly like the idea of going to "school" on SD /:

  • ying smiley said...

    im non superstar and I have everything superstars have except for bazaar: rares, extra rooms, nice wigs, rah rah rah. If you're smart and resourceful then stardollars isn't a problem. It's just superstars that keep on nagging on their parents or yourselves to buy virtual money with real money. Pathetic...

    Anyways I think SDAQR is awesome. I CANT WAIT!!!! I never comment on this blog but you guys are awesome :)

  • CoralCool91 said...

    I feel that the Starcoins system is nice! 'Coz you don't need to waste your real money to buy Stardollars (I have wasted only ONCE)!

    And, SDAQR was made mainly to prove that it is not at all a boring site! It's not only where you dress up dolls, you can do much more!

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