Opinions on SDAQR?

Monday, December 17, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
So I was skeptical about it,but I think it`s a quite good idea.I don`t know.Maybe we really needed something new,because  if I have to be honest,stardoll was getting a bit boring those days.
I got ''The Loft'',it`s a great base to ''build'' on.Here`s my doll in it:
And now a short opinion on the SDAQR.I`m really happy,it was quite fun at the beggining,but one of the missions stopped working.It said smth of the sort: ''Go to your Beauty Parlor and save your doll''.So I did it,but it didn`t show me I`ve accomplished the mission.Pity.
Update:it fixed itself haha.Now I`m waiting for the new mission.:)
So I`ll keep on doing missions.One thing I`m not happy about is that most of them require buying things.And here,my budget`s gone.
What`s your opinion?Was this change made to get more money for stardoll?Or maybe for newcomers?
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2 Awesome Comments:

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