Saturday, December 15, 2012 6 Awesome Comments
If you can't already tell, this blog will be the number 1 news for all things SDAQR. Today we saw a post with a poll brought to you by Stardoll in the cover page. click here to view the post. We also saw another post oddly saying, the account was deleted click here to view the post to see what the medoll looks like.

The account (SDAQR) has been deleted by Stardoll staff, my thought was... Stardoll deleted the account because they were just testing on the new Stardoll Academy. Miss.h2o65 noticed this too, could Stardoll have the academy ready in less than a week?
Prediction; We'll have to enroll to be part of it all. It will possible be like a school.

What's your prediction? :)

6 Awesome Comments:

  • ElanaGilbirt said...

    here is yet another academy doll/s:

  • Patience Ntim said...

    It been brought to my attention that the first two are the same person because they've got the same name and same with the bottom one except a different person you guys when you try this you will see their names are ironically basically the same. Take a look for yourselves

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