Why this normal doll has got Stardoll Academy items?

Sunday, December 16, 2012 13 Awesome Comments
Ok dollies, today I've found a doll called Luckypandas. She has got some Stardoll Academy stuff. She's a regular member, and not a promotional doll, so she mustn't have these items:

At beauty Parlor:

As you see she has got some Stardoll Academy Stuff.
The same thing at her make-up:

She's also from Sweden. Could it mean something?
She made a dress up, called: quests , but there aren't any Stardoll Academy stuff.

What do you think she is?
So stay tuned

13 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    The Stardoll Academy is getting really weird and mysterious... but im very excited to see what more to come!

  • MareBear2012 said...

    Interesting. Well, she is from Sweden. And she is Royalty! :) Is there anyone else from Sweden who has these items? Thanks for keeping us updated with the latest on SDAQR, Stardoll local News!

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