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Wednesday, December 12, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Noticing that Stardoll changed the starcoins, I recently did my daily starcoins, pretty happy about the change (not about the sd's though but I'm not going to go farther into that click here to view the starcoin post )

save imageAnyway, I love voting designs because I like to see how creative people can be on Stardoll. I recently took a look at the Design voting page and saw this.

See a "trying to get perfect" copier? I surely do. If not, I'll point out the same, or almost the same.
The Christmas tree, the stars, the snowman, the beige color, everything to be honest.

Visiting the copier's page, she's a level 4, non-superstar, joined 6 days ago, and hasn't been seen for 5 of them. Looks like some people in her guestbook are mad, but some think that she didn't all. Hello? -taps on screen- Do you see how she is trying to do the exact design.
Now off to visiting the original maker, eveastar. Level 53 and joined last year.
I know upsetcute is jealous of eveastar, but you don't have to copy.
Anyway, what do you think?

2 Awesome Comments:

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