Massive Giveaway Winners!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012 9 Awesome Comments
I made a video, because it was much easier to do that, also to show that not in any way did i "rig" it.
So watch to find out the winners! *YAY*

For the hotbuy dress, i will reserve it for 2sd (:

As for the big prize, you will have to put reserve me something that don't want/need for 111sd (i think its that amount) and reserve something for 300sc.. then i will reserve the hotbuy and 2 le's 

9 Awesome Comments:

  • miss.h2o65 said...

    Oh the problem is that I'm non-ss so I can't sell thing so maybe you can have another raffle for the money? I completely forgot that I was non-ss when I pt my name down :( sorry!
    Though thank you so much!

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