Items bought for Starcoins can now be sold in the bazaar!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
I was trying to sell something in my bazaar, when I saw this:
So it mean we can sell starcoins items!
In the post we had the last time ( It's official by Bonibon26) it says that "Items bought for Starcoins cannot be sold in the Starbazaar. "
So, based upon the date of this post, Stardoll changed it today.

What could it mean? Could it be a glitch...or just a "prove" ?


3 Awesome Comments:

  • CoralCool91 said...

    I very happy that Stardoll made that change!
    I needed 3 things which are all originally bought in Starcoins. Those are:
    1. Black Flip Flop from Basics.
    2. Elegant glasses from Spectacular
    3. Fake eyelashes from Spectacular

    If anyone interested please comment in my GB!
    Username: CoralCool91

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