Massive Christmas Giveaway + 15th & 16th Winner

Monday, December 17, 2012 13 Awesome Comments

THE WINNER FOR 15/12/12 & 16/12/12

Cool_angel4 & stellacaik
Click HERE to visit Cool_angel4
Click HERE to visit stellacaik

How it works:
I will publish a post everyday, and in the comments you have to comment 
"PUT ME IN THE DRAW" and write down your user.

Each day a winner will be drawn randomly.


1) Must be a follower of this blog (Will be checking)
2) You can only win twice.
3) Yes the writers here can enter.
4) No whining or complaining if you don't win.

Here is the calender and it's prizes:

So, if you want to enter, comment "Put me in the draw"              with your username.

13 Awesome Comments:

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