Interview with SpoiledLittleMe

Monday, December 17, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Im back :) and i finished this post

On my post I'm the Queen of Stardoll!!! I talked about SpoiledLittleMe or her name Mai and I asked her for an interview and I'm glad she said yes i only asked a few questions and this is my first interview. So lets get started on questions!!!

Purple= Mai

Is pinkitas your real account or did you take that name and named the group pinkitas?

No it's not my account. My friends and I created that word when we were ten. We didn't think anybody else would come up with it. SpoiledLittleMe is my only account.

Do you think you were bragging to much that offended others?

No. It's not my fault that they get easily offended by little things.

What do you think about people calling you fake?

I hate it.

Is there any thing you have to say left?

Not that I can think of, but read my Queen Notes on my presentation. It explains a lot of things.

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