Stardoll to support AG'S Girl of the year?

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American Girl (AG) always has a Girl of the Year. 2012's Girl of the year was Mckenna, inspiring people to keep going even if you are different, you'll find the right path soon. Mckenna was a gymnast themed girl who loved doing flips and fun tricks!
AG will not release the girl of  the year (2013) until January 1st, luckily for me, I know who the girl of the year is.
AG gives out magazines for young girls and adults who like dolls. May I please ring in the New Year with the new AG doll (available only for 1 year!) Please welcome.......
Saige is a young girl who loves horses and lives in New Mexico. Saige also loves to fly hot
air balloons. 

Now, the big question is...... Will Stardoll support Saige? Stardoll supported Felicity, Molly, Samantha,  and possibly Kit as they all were made into movies. Possibly Saige would? Saige has a beautiful blue outfit with a traditional belt, and cute boots.

But.... I did find a movie scene where it actually might be a real movie.
So... do you think Stardoll will support Saige? Or just let her fly by? (see my pun? :] )

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