And the winners are....

Saturday, December 8, 2012 3 Awesome Comments

As you see, the winners are Lilycakepirate and Harsh26.
Lovealwaystiara didn't win for some problems, so if she want, she can contact me.
At the first place is Lilycakepirate. She got 29% of votes. Her outfit:
At the second place, is Harsh26. She got 18% of votes. Her outfit:

I like both of the outfits.
Also, congratulations to Justineann, Crazy-Randomer and BestBurlesque.
Harsh26, wait for the gift to be in your suite
Lilycakepirate, i will reserve the shoes for you in my starbazaar.

Congratulations girls, you were all wonderful :)

3 Awesome Comments:

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