Spend your money wisely for Christmas

Saturday, December 1, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Other 25 days and it's Christmas. What is more beautiful than Holiday time? You want to decorate your suite, you want that it seems better than the last year. But you also don't want to spend a lot of money. Read to know how can you do so. :)

•First of all.... the atmosphere. Maybe something white, that makes you remember snow, the symbol of winter. What better that a white trapezium to enlarge and to create a great background? Create some in the Stardesign Interior, only 7 starcoins each

•Ok, and now? Why don't you add a Christmas tree? Go to the suite shop.Now click on decor. Than tap the purple search ribbon. Click on "Seasonal" shop. Scroll down until you'll find a Christmas tree for 120. If you're not gonna spend too much for this tree, continue scrolling down until you will find a light blue tree for 0 starcoins. You can get how many trees you want.

• To decorate the tree, buy many Christmas ornaments for 10 starcoins each, and, why not, some Christmas socks , bows and some glittery garlands. Buy some Christmas gifts under the tree.

•Add a table. It's better brown or black. Why don't you add a table that you got for free? Or, if you don't have a table you can use, why don't you create a table using the "trapeziums"?

•Put some delicious plates you'll buy from the Seasonal Shop. Maybe you put a bottle of wine and things like that.

•The lights. It's better you add some yellow lights, if you can. Don't put white lights, because it will look that in your room is cold. Always remember, Christmas is always warm and full of  happiness. :)

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