#fashionablestardoll STAGE 2, Level 1

Saturday, December 1, 2012 10 Awesome Comments
41 votes, that's a great start! Before I say who is eliminated, I just want to say thank you for entering and thank you for voting!
Sadly, Kimmyyroxx has been eliminated. You received 10 votes. You did great Kimmy! Sadly, you cannot enter again :( Be sure to check her out and tell her that she did great!
kcv183 and thischeshirecat have moved up a stage, congrats girls! Kcv183 got 15 votes, and thischesirecat got 16! 

Since the holiday calenders have come out now, the next  stage is....  
Dress up as a famous icon for WINTER!
An idea for one:: frosty the snowman, Santa , etc. Do not go all out and waste 100sds, you can use what 
you already have or you can just make an outfit at the starplaza and screen shot it. 
Make sure it is fashionable, kind of a bad girl's style I guess.

MORE ENTRIES ARE NEEDED! To enter, apply in the comments, with your outfit and username. You will entered along with kcv183 and thischesirecat .
Voting will begin on... Monday, entering will end Monday. 

Good luck girls!

#fashionablestardoll #stage2 

To view stage 1, please click here
Voting has stopped for stage 1

10 Awesome Comments:

  • CoralCool91 said...

    My username is CoralCool91.
    I'm an Indian and I don't celebrate Christmas!
    So, I really can't dress up like Santa or anyone famous. So I'll just made an outfit based on Christmas and Winter


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