Young Hollywood and Info!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
So there is a pair of Young Hollywood available for 2 sd! I know there was one before where it was like 3 or 4 but you can find a lot of these in 2! 

And there is another pair too which is 3 or 4 too!

And then there's another one that was already mentioned before and you can get them for like 3 or 4!

Its pretty obvious that they weren't in the store since their real price is 1234! You can find all these shoes in the price range from 2-4 or 5! Just look under "Young Hollywood" tab.

Just to let everyone know that I won't be able to post this week. I might get like a bit chance of posting but I don't think so cause my school started today and so the teachers expect to get our supplies and things this week. So don't think that I got off the blog or anything. I haven't posted in a long time and same reason, school. So I might post a little this week and somewhat next week but after then, I will post regularly! I come to this blog everyday but I really don't have the chance to post. See you soon!

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