What has this world come to? :S

Monday, September 10, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
omg. We all know I'm 11, this girl is 12, and even I know not to online date omg. -slaps head- god help us.

I crossed out her username, for her safety, but seriously, really? She wants to date some person that she doesn't even know on Stardoll.
  My advice to her, you're going to get deleted, "he's" (possibly a she) might scare you, and well yup.

Dear readers,
       Stardoll is not an online dating site.
Dear girl,
      Please act like you are 12, not 16. Please hun, just stop. I'm 11 and I don't  even want to online date, god help us.

5 Awesome Comments:

  • miss.h2o65 said...

    To be honest it doesn't really suprise me. LODES of people I know in real (they're really mean) Pretend they're like 16 when there only 12. Lots of people date. I'm 12 and I wouldn't even DARE to date. It's weired how society has changed....

  • Harsh26 said...

    I am 12 too and if someone asks me to be their online gf or whatever, I just block them! This girl is crazy! My mom won't even let me date in real till I am like 21 or something!

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