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Sunday, September 2, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Stardoll has over a million new users a day so if your thinking of opening a stardoll account us here at the2glams' blog is here to suupport you every step of the way... So the first step is search stardoll in your browser, It should pop up with stardoll fashion games for girls or something like that then there should be in the middle lots of dolls, scroll across the arrows there and find your perfect style! Dont worry you can edit it at any time! Below the dolls there should be a box with create a username, Pick your password and date of birth then click enter then a new page should come up, edit your doll there but if you think its perfect already just click continue.. Now your on stardoll congratz, Theres such thing as superstar with more features but i think you should just get to know the site first, so well done, explore and stardoll will help you through the rest, give your self a pat on the back, and remeber the one stop rules!
Have fun and stay safe dollies,

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