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Hello dollies!
The third part is here! :)

It was another boring day after school and I went on the computer. I typed in the chat Stardoll and I reported one girl. She told me that you can become a superstar to send sms to any number. I previously did not know about it and I thought I could become just a credit card. I did the payment process and became a superstar! I was overjoyed. Maybe she responsible for what I've become. It happened in the spring of 2010. It was fun! I bought clothes that I wanted and finally edited my apartment. All the girls were starting to hang out with me on Stardoll.

Finally, the fame, fashion & friends, I had friends and fashion! :) I had a fashion sense and a lot of friends. I was glad I had a superstar friends, but also non-ss were my dear.

Question: What was or is your superstar life (some are royalty)?
4th Part: Continued Superstar career soon!

xoxo kuldjevojka

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