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Tuesday, September 4, 2012 1 Awesome Comments

Hey guys =]
I was looking at medolls, and I've chosen SportyAshley16 to interview.

-Youre running for roughly how many stardollars have you and are you planning to spend? So far I havent spent any money, but I guess I have to spent some, but I will not spent much, because if people want me in the finales, it should be for me and not for the amount of money I spent
But I guess I will spent some, but not like others do like 10.000 way!

-Youve been a Denmark 2011 finalist, do you reckon this gives you a higher advantage to becoming MSW?
I am not sure I will give me any advantage, But I do know more people here now, than I did last year, and I dont mind helping others, if they help me too. because I think so many do deserve to win the title
-I noticed your medolls outfit- thats a very pretty and creative dress you have on! What made you design it?
Thank you, I like to try design, I think its fun to try make something unique, also to stand out in the crowd. As I just said, I want to stand out in a crowd and I had an idea for the deign and went to hairdesign trying to image my design
-Who would you like to win MSW, if you didnt?
There are so may I think deserve the title so to name only one, is too difficult
-What awards have you won previously?

I have won NCG 17 times
well MSW Europe
Miss Denmark
6 game trophy's
and some other 1 prize comppetetions Thats all I can think of, thank you for your time! :)

So, there we go- an interview with an amazing medoll!
(Sorry the dress is a bit older, it was when i took it which was awhile ago)

-Daisy xoxo

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