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Tuesday, September 4, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Today I was in bazaar and I saw a hotbuys necklace for 4 stardollars, what A DEAL!
Originally 13 stardollars, I saved like 9 stardollars on an item :D

So, here is how to get a good deal like this for yourself!
     When a hotbuy comes out, and it's one you love/like, visit bazaar everyday! You never know about these good deals ;) Especially when someone means to put it up for 40sd, not 4!  On the same page that I found on the 4sd hotbuy, I also saw it for 190. Meaning that I saved around 180 sds!

If none of that made sense above^^^^ then here is a shorter form: Look in bazaar for it everyday!

How will I know where to search? Search by color, one of it's colors or main colors.

*tip* Always widen your searches, search for different colors; look at the prices and compare.

Overall: I was very happy to find a cheap hotbuy, I lost some stardollars, but I was very happy that I found that.

2 Awesome Comments:

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