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Wednesday, August 8, 2012 14 Awesome Comments

14 Awesome Comments:

  • HorseponycuteSD said...

    Hmm na i think it would be a bit crowded, There is the owner of the blog and one of the writers who have been here a good while, i think its okay just how it is, the graphic itself omfg its amazing

  • Harsh26 said...

    Isn't that The2Glams and Art123Peace? I kinda like it. And I kinda agree with HorseponycuteSD, she has been here for a long time, No offense to anyone.

  • the2glams said...

    She has been here for a while and she helps me A LOT on my blog. Sorry I couldn't put everyone if the person I bought from wasn't an expensive graphic designer I would of put almost everyone on it. But not too much since it would look awkward the graphic with all the staff members

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