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Tuesday, August 28, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Hey guys :)
I'm pretty bored, so I thought I would just find some cool nails..
Oh yeah, and I won't be on tomorrow-thursday due to a sleepover, and saturday- tuesday due to a small holiday. :)

#1: Nymph nails. You can do these in  all different colours- I did them, but in pink. :]
#2: Cookie monster nails!

#3: Cherry nails!

#4: Buterfly nails :)

So, did you like that selection? Here's some good brand names of nail varnishes that don't chip easily/peel (They're from the UK though, so you may be able to get them in other countries, I don't know..)
-Barry M
-Miss Sporty
-Max Factor
Do not, whatever you do, get No 7 nail varnish. IT'S AWFUL. It peels off REALLY quickly.
So, there you have it! :]

-Daisy xoxo

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