Stardoll copying Kusja?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 8 Awesome Comments
The hair look a lot a like, though there are some differences, but I can still see Kusja's hair creation. But you want to know what is hilarious? Both are called Shakira hair.
Though they look a little different, you can see a resemblance in it a LOT.

To be honest, I they Stardoll has gotten lots of ideas from famous designers on the site.
Are you surprised that Stardoll's hair looks a lot like Kusja's? Who's hair will you buy?

8 Awesome Comments:

  • Carrie.Rose said...

    I do think Stardoll have made the new Tress hairstyles based on our own designs in star design hair. Many of the new Tress hairs are alike to what us medolls have made ourselves, so i think its very possible Stardoll copied Kusja :/

  • Anonymous said...

    Believe it or not Stardoll does have a history in copying or getting "inspired by members themselves. I've been a member a long time and I do recall many times of SD copying its members. For instance, there was one blog incident where SD copy the blog's design or something like that and then there is the fact that when people started creating hair designs out of the jewelry it shocked SD so much that people would outthink them like that and then they created hair design. They need for more than just money honey. But no, that tress up looks nothing like kusja's but they do copy celebrity hairstyles in order to create those tress ups just look at katy perry's high pony! here is a link to the pic:

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