I have a challenge for you! :)

Friday, August 31, 2012 9 Awesome Comments
Hey guys...Daisy here!

One: I won't be on for the next four days, due to holiday
And two: I have a competition!

See, I made a hairstyle:
BUT, I can't seem to make a nice top part.
So that's where you guys come in! If someone can make me a pretty top part, I will:
-Buy it off you for a reasonable price
-Vote you MSW for a week
-Put you on my 'VOTE MSW' list on my presentation.
Unfortunately, this means you have to be superstar to make it.
Must cost no more than 18SD
You cannot copy

Just post the entry in the comments, as a tinypic or however you want to do it, and I'll decide by wednesday.

Have fun, and good luck! ;)

-Daisy xoxo

9 Awesome Comments:

  • AliceIzzy454 said...

    I can do that, do you want a fringe or something like that? How much would you buy it for? Because I normally charge a certain rate so I can at least have a few stardollars profit, otherwise it is not worth it.

  • Carrie.Rose said...

    Not sure if you will like it, but i also edited it onto your original hairstyle, so you can have an idea how it will look.

    Link: http://imgur.com/bBTDo

    Username: Cheekycazbo1

  • Flowerpin said...

    I really spent too much time on this. 0.o

    Anyway it would cost 28 sd or 280 sc (yes I sell in starcoins)
    I think it's worth it! It's really cute alone as well. Look here.

  • Vannassa555 said...

    I actually made two just incase you don't like the first one i made and the price will be 16 stardollars and i hope u like one of them here is the link

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