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Saturday, August 25, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Here are some upcoming events so you can plan ahead!
~A new campaign coming to Stardoll (2 days away)
~MSW (4 days away)
~ Gift-o-meter (Be sure to keep buying stuff!)
~Enter our blog!

A  n e w  c a m p a i g n  coming to Stardoll!
Besure to watch out on the 27th for the campaign (the health department) Starts in 2 days

MSW, otherwise Miss Stardoll World. Voting begins the 29th! Be sure to enter yourself offically so you can get the great prizes, and the chance to be voted by thousands of members! Starts in 4 days

The gift-o-meter is back, and just in time for the end of the summer! Spend 600sd and 600sc for lots of great prizes to for fill your end of summer needs! Already started

Enter our blog!
MSW is right around the corner, every MSW you can enter a blog for a chance to be the offical MSW news blog! (I believe) Be sure to enter us, Stardoll-local-news.blogspot.com ! Starts in 4 days

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