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Thursday, August 23, 2012 11 Awesome Comments
Ok, so I got this private message from a friend at stardoll telling me that there is a 'anonymous' blog posting comments about other people/blogs. I went to this blog and saw that not too long ago did this person made a post about this blog.
The anonymous person criticized the writer's work, my work, and the whole look of this blog.
I didn't find it insulting when I read it because I know there will always be haters. From reading the comments that people left in that post, I can say that most people didn't agree with what the anonymous person said about this blog. In the end, I still think this blog is one of my biggest accomplishments, here at stardoll, and will always be remembered as one of the few best Stardoll blogs that are in the world of blogspots.
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11 Awesome Comments:

  • Carrie.Rose said...

    Wow, i cant believe some people can be so low! to take time out of their life to criticize other peoples successful blogs! Its great you dont feel insulted, i wouldent :) x

  • Harsh26 said...

    I know! If they don't like the blog, they should just keep it to themselves instead of criticizing it on a blog! I really love this blog and is one of the best I have seen!

  • the2glams said...

    not going to give anyone the link because then people will go read the "anon" blog and start making a big fuss out of what she does.
    And you shouldn't care if the "anon" person starts writing about you, it's not like what she says is "the truth"

  • Miss_sassy_girl on stardoll said...

    I'm glad that you aren't making a big deal about it. I mean, they are being anon, and if they can't say their account or anything, then they are just plain ass stupid.
    When you accepted me into this blog, i felt so happy! I tried not to show it, but I certainly did! I'm glad of the hard work I have done and what you have done! Love you guys <3

  • manny. said...

    hate to be a stickler, but that anon also managed to reveal herself and did apologize for what she had said about your blog.

    What she did say was true in some ways (no offence), but it is hard to run a blog like such, so I get where you're coming from.

  • OrangeAnnax said...

    There are some people who just really like gossip.. and will do anything and gossip about anything just so that ppl read theire gossip blog.. and yea like Manny said she apologized and it was mean. But i don't think she was jealous she just said what she felt and maybe something was real from that what she said. Not Everything. i mean most part wasn't don't get me wrong please ^^ Your blog is really one of the best new blog with 1300+ followers so blogs like that always get critised.

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