How to wear - HB Fringe Vest

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
Hello Dollies! today i will be showing you how to wear the 2nd hotbuy of August HB fringe vest From Bonjour bizou

With this vest i will be creating a country look
The main store for this outfit will be

First we start off with the tops
All you need is a nice simple top that doesn't out do the vest

For pants i recommend either some slightly ruffed jeans or a one piece to complete that western look
To complete the outfit you have to have a cowboy hat in there! Find most in Miss sixty or killah
Next you need your cowboy boots!
Now, there isnt very many cowboy boots in starplaza, but you just need to replace them with some high heel boots such as these!
Once you have completed your outfit if wanted add some accessories and your outfit will look a little something like this!

Will you be rockin them cowboy boots with this vest like me? 

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