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Thursday, August 9, 2012 6 Awesome Comments
eeeeeeeeeeep! There is a new contest, and we get to dress up Zayn Malik for One Direction! akuyusdsagdkhsgfhsdgfhdbsgdkkfghjgfhjcgfhcgfjdgfjdf
do you know how happy i am right now? HAPPY dkdhsfkjsdhfjkdfhkjghfdjghjgh

AUGUEST IS ONE DIRECTION MONTH (sorry for fangirling)
Right now we have Harry and Zayn from 1D able to be dressed up :))
I have to go now, before I start fangirling even more lol

6 Awesome Comments:

  • HorseponycuteSD said...


    Personally i dont like one direction anymore, just my opinion, the only one i like is liam. And tbh you should have posted this in a more serious style. But anyways yay it will make a lot of people happy

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