Is she staff?

Thursday, August 9, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
Early summer this year, we found out Robin is staff from Stardoll. Robin owned OC (originalclub) ever since then, it's been getting deleted...and deleted....and deleted, around 20+ times. Weird though? It was the first club, he was staff, and it got deleted. hmmm...

Well anyway, the MSW club is back, maybe to bring you the latest news on MSW! The owner is, -.Stardoll_miss.      it makes me wonder though, how she been MSW? Or is she a staff?

-.Stardoll_miss. comes from Sweden, she is 22 years old and is/maybe a girl. She joined in 2010, on Aug. 16th, just when MSW was right around the corner! That is when she first joined, she made a club dedicated to MSW I believe. Ever since then, it's left members like me wondering.

I thought she was deleted when the club was? Causing members to be worried for MSW this year.
Apart from this, thousands of other members/clubs have been deleted, THE GREAT STARDOLL DELETION you may call it. or the Stardoll Apocalypse lol.

Now that the clubs are coming back, MSW maybe a little more fun this year, or a little less.

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