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Wednesday, August 1, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
It's been a few months since i last did this, truly sorry :(
This month's medoll will be.......Hiyotori! < Click on the name to be taken to their suite.
Doesn't look to special ehh? But it is! The suite may not be Favorited at much, but the designs will blow you!

Why did i choose this person? I chose this person because i thought the medoll rocked, outfit, the suite was ok, but I was blown away by their designs!
What are some designs?  The mustache necklace, the french braid, rainbow wig, straight hair, and such.
How much do he/she sell for? Depends on the item, sorry as I am not that person.
Awards won?  N/A
I think that they did a really good job, keep up with the designs! :)

2 Awesome Comments:

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