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Sunday, December 2, 2012 0 Awesome Comments

Today I tried to find some real-life version of the new Nelly items.Here are a few:
Mic Bag,499 sek(75 $);stardoll cost:6 stardollars
Cuir desir heels,1495 sek(224 $);stardoll cost:11 std

Spiked flats,899 sek(135 $);stardoll cost:11 stardollars

 The ''Rikki top'',199 sek(30 $);stardoll price:15  std.

The ''Lacey dress''-899 sek(135 $),stardoll price:22 std.
And lastly:The''Courage jacket'',699 sek(104 $),stardoll price:21 std.
 Hope you liked it:)

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