SS- Is it really a factor on winning Covergirl?

Sunday, December 2, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
Hello dolls, Swimmingbabe19 here, with a post about the true benefits of being SS, and whether it truly gives you an advantage on winning covergirl. I've noticed so many people's about me's where they go on to say how they want to be a role model for Non-SS who can't win covergirl... but this is really over-dramatizing it. Because there have been plenty non-SS who have won covergirl. And I just think it is out of hand how some people even say SS hate to see non-SS lose... Really?

Just cause you pay a certain amount of money to get a star/diamond by your name does not make you any different, and I am sure a lot of people know they aren't all that great too.

But membership is not a true factor in winning. Sure, you could spend a bunch of money on advertising, yet a lot of people don't even place. Truly, it is all in how nice you are, how you put yourself out there, and how other people perceive you.

Because truth is, it is not your status, but the appeal you have on other members to vote you. What do you think? Do SS have such a huge advantage over non-SS?


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  • qazwsx said...

    Yes,it`s a pitty,but some dolls(that`s an example) don`t even check out non-ss accounts!Everybody thinks that when you`re a royality or ss,your doll is better.But that`s not always true. :)

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