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Monday, December 3, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Yay, it's Monday! So, my entry box is closed, and my voting box is open! 80 amazing page views too, that is a terrific start!
We got some more, entries, and that makes me really happy to know that we have some readers and girls that are ready for their competition. This week, we will have... kcv183 , thischessirecat , Coralcool91, lilycakepirate. So, 4 people this time! It's up to you to vote these amazing girls, which one will be eliminated? Voting will end on.... Wednesday! Remember, you can begin to enter for the next post (Wednesday) Besure to enter before stage 4, level 1.
If you don't know, there are 4 stages in level 1. The girls who survived these stage(s) will be entered as winner, having atleast 5 or so winners, so I'll host a final battle (stage 6, these people only) and you'll vote (since it counts haha) and we'll have a winner of Level 1! Yay!!!
 (roll over to view the username in order to vote, they are also in order) STAGE 2, LEVEL 1

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